No event can be successfully delivered without patronage & support from “Corporate India”. It is a great opportunity for brands align themselves to “Real life hero’s” 

Its during times of crisis, that a strong company culture and a defined sense of brand purpose can be invaluable in helping a brand navigate decisions to position themselves along social causes. 

A well curated communication strategy can be shaped essentially being mindful of how the brands priorities align with its brand values to evolve its positioning around optimizing the current situation.

This is an excellent opportunity for brands to live up to their purpose as positioned in the past perhaps, as a brand that “cares”. The intelligent & truly caring brands, are the ones that realize they need to activate their purpose now & support the very society, the customers they sell their products or services to.

Our team will be happy to talk to brands & help curate individual opportunities that serve the brands purpose in line with their budget. We are also investigating the use of CSR budgets for the MCH Convention – more on that when we talk.