My Corona Hero Wall of Fame

Throughout India’s troubled past, memorials have long been a means of political and cultural expression. Now, amid the coronavirus pandemic, a new wave of artwork is emerging and it is one that appears to have universal appreciation. It’s our pledge that we will not let the sacrifice & the deeds of the Corona unsung heroes be forgotten after one week, one month or even one year. The walls of fame & a planned mural are a way of memorializing those lost in the Corona conflict. We have plans to create “Walls of Fame” across the country, a MCH Mural at a prominent place in our capital New Delhi & street art in multiple cities of India.

We are in discussion with hotel chains, airports, lounges, commercial & residential buildings to partner with MyCoronaHero to create “Walls of Fame” ensuring the stories are read, memories created keeping the Unsung Hero’s in our mind & hearts for years to come.

Walls of Fame in hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, building elevators, lounges, airports stations etc will remind all of us of the heroic people who worked beyond their call of duty ensuring the virus was defeated.