My Corona Hero Convention

MY CORONA HERO CONVENTION is an IdeateLabs and WeValue initiative scheduled to be held in January 2021 at the business capital of the country –Mumbai.

The convention is planned as a “Celebrity-Hero” dinner. Every MyCoronaHero will be chaperoned by a celebrity throughout the evening. Celebrities will perform, stories will be told and more importantly each celebrity will honor his or her hero that evening. Boasting an incredible guest list of select celebrities from all walks of life and the final 100 chosen hero’s, we expect the event to be a glitzy affair that promises to bring together leaders from all industries, from across the country to hero’s from every state, making it an evening to remember.

We expect a cross section of media partners to cover the MCH Convention and ensure that the 100 hero’s are not just honored in front of a small audience assembled for that evening, but in front of millions of Indians watching and listening to stories of the hero’s self-less acts, helping save lives whilst risking their own and their families.

More details on the convention will be published on this site over the next few weeks.