About Us

As part of the human race in the middle of unprecedented times, perhaps the toughest we have seen in our life, we are all searching our souls as to how we can contribute in this war against the Corona Virus – perhaps by donating money to the needy, help keeping families safe, extending a helping hand to a neighbor or just cheering up people around us in this dark hour of uncertainty.

This situation has thrown not just the traditional army & law enforcement personnel to the frontline but the entire healthcare fraternity, delivery people, the cleaners, drivers, banking personnel, pharmacy staff, grocery store staff – all essential services personnel & many others, normally not used to defending others, now fighting this “unseen” enemy. We have decided to recognize “Hero’s” who are out there fighting to keep us safe.

MyCoronaHero is an initiative by IdeateLabs & WeValue, to salute these heroes. We request people from all over India to nominate “a hero” from their family, friends, office colleagues or their neighborhood. We request them to send in a short story or video on why they are nominating their hero, with a picture of the person, a 500 words or a short video, uploaded on our site – we are doing this to honor ALL the heroes who may have given their lives, put their own families at risk or are still out there fighting the pandemic risking their own lives to keep us safe.