Title: Doctor Delivers a Baby for Woman Refused Admittance at Government Hospitals

On June 3, a pregnant woman was delivered at Sangharsh Nagar Building No. 23 / D. And gave birth to a beautiful baby. You may be wondering what is new in this but read on to see how it is unique.

She was pregnant in this difficult time with the Corona Pandemic. She first went to Muktabai Hospital for her delivery. However she was not accepted there because the woman had a fever. To add to the situation, it was raining hard outside and she was afraid of increasing cyclones. The pregnant woman was then taken to Rajawadi but she was rejected as there was no bed there. Everyone who was with her was terrified. Because Rajawadi Walia told me to test for the COVID virus first and then give the bed.

The woman later went to a private hospital.  However, the hospital was ready on request but they told her the cost was 1 lakh 20 thousand, the woman was exhausted because she could not pay that much and she went back.

Some time later, the woman started having labor pains. Ravindra Mhaske came to know. As soon as the doctor found out about the situation of the family, he went to his house. And delivered the baby at home with his doctoral study experience.

Now you tell me whether Doctor Saheb has become a god in the mind of this family or not. The family cried and thanked Saheb. After all the big hospitals refused, the one who came to help in the form of God was Doctor Saheb.

Venue – Building no. 23 / d, Sangharsh Nagar, Chandivali, Andheri (Pu) Mumbai – 72.

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