Citizens Provide Food Packages to Buses of Migrant Workers on the Highway

We are from Nashik – myself Pushkaraj Gosavi along with my cousins Aakansha Rokde &  Madhura Rokde have decided to distribute food to as many migrant travellers as we can, we packed 150 containers of Dal khichadi (homemade), 150 packets consisting of bananas & biscuits and 200 water bottles. It was distributed near Jatra hotel, Nashik-Indore highway. We held the food and water bottle in our hands to let the passing busses know what we have for them, a total of 17 buses stopped although we are unsure of the number of passengers. In their eyes we could see the helplessness and relief both at the same time. Hope things get better for all mankind soon!
Our youngest cousin –  Kiwi Rokde helped us pack food. She was with us but in the car the whole time. We wanted her to see it so that someday she follows the same.

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