Wives of CRPF jawans, couple make masks to help people fight Covid-19 in Bengaluru

Photo Via: Hindustan Times

Source Link:  https://www.hindustantimes.com/it-s-viral/corona-heroes-wives-of-crfp-jawans-couple-make-masks-to-help-people-fight-covid-19-in-bengaluru/story-4TPypGBHwq1SlFjpdd26rO.html

It is often said that the time of crisis brings out the best in humans. As the world is currently facing a crisis, acts of some selfless souls are proving that aptly. And, stories of some such unlikely corona heroes were recently shared on Twitter by NITI Aayog, the institution that serves as the Think Tank of the Government.

In one tweet, the organisation shared the efforts of a group of women. They started the post with the phrase ‘Nari tu Narayani.’ The phrase caught netizens’ attention after it was used by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman last year during Union Budget 2019 while talking about the importance of woman empowerment.

The post further explained how these women, wives of CRPF jawaans, are preparing masks, aprons, and other necessary items. In another post, the organization shared the story of Sanjay Agarwal and his wife Vinita Agarwal. They are a couple from Bengaluru who have made over 7,000 masks and distributed them across the city for free.

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