Meet the man who feeds hundreds in Delhi amid coronavirus lockdowns

Photo Via: Hindustan Tiimes

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Saurabh Jain believes in one simple thing in life, “live and let live.” This mantra has now encouraged him to take up the responsibility of feeding hundreds of underprivileged people in Delhi daily amid the ongoing coronavirus lockdown.

Since the announcement of the 21-day lockdown, there are many people who have been left without food or shelter. Jain is determined to provide help to as many as he can.

Jain, who runs a garment factory in East Azad Nagar, has hired people to prepare food for over five hundred people daily. Be it Pulao, Chole-puri, or Aloo-puri, each day he gets different items prepared to offer to those in need.

Some people visit his factory to collect the food packets and Jain ensures that they maintain proper norms of social distancing. He even hired a few delivery men to ensure that the food packets reach those who are unable to come to his factory.

It is not just the humans that Jain is concerned about. Since before the lockdown, he used to feed stray dogs and birds. In fact, this 29-year-old man is feeding the animals for almost 10 years now.




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